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Wheels of Change

Who we are


Wheels of Change is a NGO that works to promote an inclusive society .

The key areas where WoC works includes:

Addressing equal opportunities for disabled people in the society. This is the key area of focus. .

It also addresses livelihoods for women, sexual minorities and economically backward

Deepa - Trustee

Deepa heads the Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives for EMC APJ Centres of Excellence. She is a proactive accessibility evangelist, actively advocates disability rights and gender equity in various capacities, and is a partner at KickStart and Wheels of Change, an accessible cab service in Bangalore.

Shahana - Trustee

Shahana works with a big 4 talent acquisition team. Shahana cares deeply about issues facing the disabled and strives for equality for differently abled in all walks of life. She has been a trustee of WoC since its inception and has been a keen supporter of the Kickstart project.

Ritheesh-Shetty _ Trustee

Ritheesh Shetty, currently serves as Managing Director of Sun ITES which is a 6 year old  Social Enterprise started with a vision of employing people with disabilities in mainstream IT Services jobs. He has more than 12 years of experience in IT services out of which the last 6 years in developmental sector specifically in the area of disabilities.

-- The top management believes that, --

"anybody can do exemplary work as long as they are provided an inclusive and accessible environment.”

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India and the Disabled

Issues facing the disabled in India

What are the Challenges?

Disability should be viewed as a development agenda rather than charity

Awareness among service providers, officials and PWD often low

Executive Coordination Structures very weak in most states

Commissioners’ offices usually under-resourced in funds and people

Mechanisms for service outreach below district level remain under-developed and unclear PRI strategy

NGO sector vibrant but challenges to scale and expand into rural areas and to strengthen business

Infrastructure Needs

Persons with Disabilities (Equal Opportunities, Protection of Rights and Full Participation) Act, 1995 under Sections 44, 45 and 46 categorically provides for non-discrimination in transport, non-discrimination on the road and non-discrimination in built environment respectively. As per Section 46 of the PwD Act, the States are required to provide for –

Ramps in public buildings;

Adaptation of toilets for wheel chair users;

Braille symbols and auditory signals in elevators or lifts;

Ramps in hospitals, primary health centers and other medical care and rehabilitation institutions

-- The top management believes that, --

Disability isn't a Problem for This Business

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